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a witness who testifies under oath as to the good reputation of another person in the community where that person lives

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I pay particularly close to the historical background of these rules and the history of the prohibition on character evidence in general.
Restoring the character evidence ban was not the legislature's
First, Rule 404's prohibition against using character evidence to prove conduct seeks to limit the jury from drawing the inference that character traits and past conduct predict present behavior.
1) On the merits, a myriad of rules largely discourages the TC from putting on character evidence by setting an appropriately high burden.
Before a court may apply the character evidence regulatory scheme
Character evidence that shocks or offends jurors' sensibilities, as reading or viewing histories offered into evidence often do, are likely to influence heavily jurors' subconscious conclusions about overall social attractiveness.
Since every jurisdiction has slightly different rules and standards governing what type of character evidence is admissible at trial, the end analysis will depend on the jurisdiction in which these cases arise and the exact nature of the social networking evidence sought to be admitted.
At least one British judge--working in a system that favors character evidence admissibility--generally finds juries "incredibly educated and informed" with respect to the relevance of character evidence.
As a result of the committee's changes pursuant to numbered paragraph (4), Rule 405, Methods of Proving Character, now includes opinion testimony along with reputation testimony as a method of proof in cases where character evidence is admissible.
His conviction was then used as bad character evidence when he was later tried of indecently assaulting a seven-year-old girl 10 years earlier, and then possessing 730 pornographic images.
The rule prohibiting admissibility of bad character evidence relating to an accused person is a sensible and thoroughly considered one.
Content examines the history of character evidence in England and the U.
He said there was character evidence for Mrs Smallman saying she was a popular teacher with an innocent outlook on life.
Issues that opposing counsel may try to use against your client to undermine his or her character and credibility include evidence of prior lawsuits, criminal convictions, inconsistent statements, character evidence, bankruptcy filings, termination from employment, prior injuries or preexisting medical conditions, prior workers' compensation claims, and bad reputation among associates or in the community.