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a witness who testifies under oath as to the good reputation of another person in the community where that person lives

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Anyway, here is the file, familiarize yourself with it and be ready to brief me tomorrow on how you are going to present good military character evidence on the merits.
This Note argues that the Criminal Justice Act, with its subsequent revisions, sets forth the best statutory approach to the issue of bad character evidence in criminal prosecutions.
The prohibition on character evidence is therefore often justified by a concern that the jury will over-rely on the probative weight of his prior bad acts, giving them more weight than they deserve, not that a defendant's character has no relevance in assessing his guilt.
Finally, Rule 404(a) points a proponent of character evidence directly to Rules 607 through 609.
consider Sanchirico's work on character evidence, (74) a type of
1 Tyng) 303, 317 (1807) (recognizing exception to general bar against character evidence by allowing defendant to introduce character evidence); Darling v.
Defence lawyer Barry Roux objected to the gun video being shown, saying it was inadmissible character evidence and amounted to a legal "ambush" of the defence.
Defense lawyer Barry Roux objected to the showing of the gun video, saying it was inadmissible character evidence and amounted to a legal ''ambush'' by the prosecution.
would thus appear to repeal the character evidence ban.
These developments may have profound implications for our system of justice by challenging the principles, policies, and purposes underlying the Anglo-American general prohibition on character evidence.
At the appeal, his legal team argued that the trial judge erred in admitting the bad character evidence.
131) As a species of bad character evidence, criminal-record information carried a heavy potential prejudice that had to be weighed against the often limited value of the information on the issue of credibility.
Among the topics are basic concepts, burden and standard of proof, hearsay, confessions and ill-gotten evidence, character evidence, the course of testimony, and privilege and public policy.
He argued that his trial should have been split into two, that bad character evidence was admitted which ought not to have been, and that he was not the culprit who committed some of the offences but was the victim of lies by a witness.
First, Rule 404's prohibition against using character evidence to prove conduct seeks to limit the jury from drawing the inference that character traits and past conduct predict present behavior.