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(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies

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Combining characters placed above a base character will be stacked vertically, starting with the first encountered in the logical store and continuing for as many marks above as are required by the character codes following the base character.
While the system was too expensive to be commercially successful, the Xerox multilingual character code generated considerable interest among computer specialists and linguists.
Multiscript information processing on crossroads: Demands for shifting from diverse character code sets to the Unicode standard in library.
Password (PW) is an eight character code used in combination with a CIK to identify the entity making the submission.
Through various database translation support toots that can make effective use of past translations, and in the near future a document creation tool that can cope with each character code without being dependent on the computer's OS, Creer is investing in maximizing the latest translation technology," says Luu.
Enhancements to the 3596 workstation, which emulates either an IBM 3196 or 5291, include printer substitution coding, ASCII passthrough, printer character code selection, IBM 4214 sheet feeder commands and keyboard reprogramming capability.
For any of these problems, one possible solution would be to add a dedicated microprocessor to handle the overhead, convert EBCDIC character code to ASCII, handle a synchronous protocol on one side and an async interface on the other and multiplex terminals.
3) selection or definition of an appropriate bilingual character code set that satisfies both international standards and requirements of the specified system.
The postcode will be a seven character code in the format A65 B2CD, with the first three characters relating to a general area or postal district in which the address is located.
com Courses are referred to by their four- character code.
This Standard Chinese Character Code for Information Interchange (GB 2312-80) has been defined by the PRC, and contains 2-byte codes for the 6,763 most commonly used Chinese characters in two classes; the first contains 3,755, and the second most frequently used class contains 3,008.
Service providers have historically utilized 8-bit character code to address the technical issue of resolving a domain name in its native language.