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an actor who specializes in playing supporting roles

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As Connie, Alison Steadman is a worthy addition to what you might call the Bennett rep company, and demonstrates why she is one of our greatest character actresses.
A stunning, leggy, blonde former model is now one of the most respected character actresses in Hollywood.
But, despite becoming one of the big screen's leading character actresses, Toni claims she's never had a master plan.
Or the lisping, dippy hippy Candice-Marie in Nuts in May, two early roles that catapulted her into the premiership of great comedy character actresses.
Coombs, who never married, was one of the Britain's great character actresses.
Julie Walters, one of the funniest character actresses, gets an OBE and actor Simon Callow becomes a CBE.
A film starring two of Hollywood's hottest stars backed by a pair of its finest character actresses (Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest) and Aidan Quinn as the love interest ought to work.
By the time this column is published, box office should have reached the $3-million mark, thanks to Filiatrault's great adaptation of Michel Tremblay's famous novel, as well as to her wonderful cast of character actresses, led by Quebec songstress Ginette Reno.