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Family Species Ecological Zoogeographic affinity origin Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpio introduced Abramis brama introduced Tampichthys ipni Primary Neartic Characidae Astyanax mexicanus Primary Neotropical Ictaluridae Ictalurus punctatus * Primary Translocated Ictalurus mexicanus Primary Neartic Cichlidae Herichthys Secondary Neotropical pantostictus * Amatitlania Secondary Translocated nigrofasciata * Oreochromis aureus introduced x O.
As familias mais representativas, por numero de especies, registradas no inventario realizado por Abilhoa e Bastos (2005) foram Anostomidae (sete), Characidae (quatro), Loricariidae (tres) e Pimelodidae (tres).
Similar to most genera of Characidae previously assigned to the sub-family Tetragonopterinae (sensu Gery 1977), Hemigrammus almost certainly does not constitute a monophyletic assemblage.
1766) Lacépede, 1803, no açude Lima Campos, Icó, Ceará (Ostariophisi, Characidae, Serrasalminae).
Morphological, histochemical and morphometric study of the myotomal muscle tissue of the pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg 1887: Serrasalminae, Characidae, Teleostei).