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Synonyms for chap

Synonyms for chap

a grown man referred to familiarly, jokingly, or as a member of one's set or group


Synonyms for chap

a long narrow depression in a surface

a crack in a lip caused usually by cold

(usually in the plural) leather leggings without a seat

crack due to dehydration

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iOS users will be able to download Flappy Chappy for free from the iTunes and Apple stores.
Royal Delta and Lucky Chappy galloped approximately 2,200m with the latter following the Group 1 winning filly around the track.
I just saw her turn as Chappy was right behind and they collided into each other.
So I'll take the rain, the cold and our cheeky chappy border control, because there really is no place like home.
Meanwhile, cheeky chappy Joe, 34, was keen to impress his 26-year-old Essex girl with his bronzed complexion, saying: "I've tried to keep my tan from the jungle with sunbeds.
JASON MANFORD is a likeable, cheery and cheeky chappy - but I couldn't find much to like, or laugh at, during the first programme in the new series he is fronting - It's A Funny Old Week (ITV, Monday).
In one photo, cheeky chappy Craig from Crawcrook was captured with his make-shift toothbrush altered specially to cater for his missing two front teeth - a crafty solution to a childhood problem we can all relate to.
He added "He's a real cheeky chappy who was born with a great gift for reading people.
Asked whether the cheeky chappy tried to chat her up backstage, she told Real Radio: "Oh no, I wouldn't have that.
The girl claimed she pulled her knife out from her sock when another man allegedly threatened her with a knife and as they faced each other Mr Chapman, known as Chappy, came running out behind her.
trick or treat Who could resist these cheeky chappy bath ballistics from Lush, pounds 2.
But, as with Ally McCoist, there is more to Lennon than just the cheeky chappy, and listening to him talk about the game always provides an insight.
Soba, Glencroft, and Chaplins Club were before my time, but following horses such as Tempering, No Submission, Cheeky Chappy, Kalar, and latterly the brilliant Quito, has been an absolute pleasure.
JAMIE OLIVER He used to be the cheeky chappy of the cookery world, but is TV chef Jamie Oliver becoming a bit passe?