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dense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes


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Equine stars such as High Chapparal, Hawk Wing, Sulamani, Nayef and Islington to name but a few, will be chasing this coveted title.
Drawing a parallel with last year's dual Derby hero High Chapparal, Timeform say: ``The form was probably around average for recent runnings, but like High Chaparral, Brian Boru looked far from the finished article.
2]; ns = not significant Macrohabitats: Aquatic (tajamar, riverine and lake edge, sawgrass marsh and streams); Open (savannah, chapparal, floodplain, agrarian pasture/grassland); Transitional Forest (second growth and edge); Closed Forest (primary forest, woodland and thorn Forest)
The board held that there was "misrepresentation and failure to disclose superior knowledge on the part of the government," when it set forth that the Chapparal guidance section was a "build to print item.
And if High Chapparal lives up to his billing, he could be an even hotter Derby favourite by tea-time.
Chapparal, yellow dock, paud' arco, and yucca were the most inhibitory.
Of O'Brien's other two Trophy aspirants, Camp David had won his only previous race while High Chapparal landed the odds on his second start at Tipperary.
Woodland habitats were dominated by hackberry (Celtis laevigata), Mexican persimmon (Diospyros texanna), anacua (Ehretia anacua) and elm (Ulmus crassifolia) with shrub understory of Chapparal (Drawe et at.
Recruitment of seedlings and vegetative sprouts in unburned chapparal.
Derived from the chapparal bush that is indigenous to the Southwest, the product, called Herp-Eeze, has strong antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, she notes.
And when we flashed a forefinger spread away from the other three (making the number 13) in a study hall or assembly, we could count on it being read down the line by eyes accustomed to taking seriously the hand signals of Sphinx, Comus, Chapparal, the Westsiders, the Vice Lords, Kappas, Crips, and others whose names we never knew.
Wants: American ginseng, blue ginseng, lady slippers, orchids, flamingo flower, plumeria, bougainvilea, exotic and rare flowers and herbs, valerian, chapparal, gotukiola, gardenia, jasmine, skunk cabbage, pineapple guava, pawpaw, kiew, almond, indigo, fairy fingers, snakeroots, clamus cascara sagrada
Twelve hotels are working with the ANPA, and, with the exceptions of the Las Vegas Hilton and the Chapparal, both adjacent to the Convention Center, the hotels will be served by shuttle buses between 10 a.
Rather, innovation flourished in the newly created mini-mills" of Nucor Corporation and Chapparal Steel, as well as in bits and pieces of plants abandoned by industry goliaths such as USX and Armco, but recycled by firms such as the Johnstown Corporation, McDonald Steel, and the Marion Steel Company.
based Schoen's Market does a brisk business as his area's leading distributor of woodburning stoves, while Le Chapparal, a supermarket in Rio Grande City, Texas, near the Mexican border, runs a dollar-for-pesos exchange.