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United States pioneer who planted apple trees as he traveled (1774-1845)

archaic term for an itinerant peddler

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Chapman played against UCLA's Kevin Love in high school.
After landing, Chapman called in an AC-130 gunship to provide close-air support and cover the stranded team before directing the gunship to search for the missing team member.
Chapman and his colleagues used ground-based telescopes including Keck II on Hawaii's Manna Kea.
Showing courage, Courtney agreed to testify against Chapman in court.
The helicopter transporting Chapman and others came under fire causing Navy SEAL, Neil Roberts, to fall from the aircraft.
Chapman shot the former Beatle dead as he returned to his New York apartment with Ono in 1980.
Over 11 days, the federal jury in Baltimore heard testimony featuring a former Chapman mistress and allegations by his defense team that federal prosecutors targeted their client because of his close relationship with former Maryland Gov.
Chapman, who shot the legendary Beatle dead in New York, will face a Parole Board hearing, according to a service spokeswoman.
Chapman, 49, was denied parole in 2002 on the grounds that it would undermine the seriousness of his crime.
Maria Chapman remembers the day at age 12 when she first understood she might have a career as a professional ballet dancer.
Chapman University is working on two goals simultaneously, expansion and quality.
This partnership between RTTC and AED has been very successful and has given our customer base added value in turboshaft engine testing," says Doug Chapman, an RTTC test engineer involved with the program.
We should not and will not, even for a moment, forget who John Allan Chapman was and the values for which he lived and served.