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English comedian and film maker

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[In the poem Chaplinesque, as he confessed in another letter to Gorham Munson, dated 1 October 1921, he had attempted to "put in words some of the Chaplin pantomime, so beautiful, and so full of eloquence, and so modern." (Crane 1952: 65)]
From his Chaplinesque walk to his single raised eyebrow and the assured way he delivered his lines, Durr captured the essence of the somewhat egotistical and OCD Poirot.
Because of the characteristic stooped posture and chaplinesque shuffling, Parkinson's disease (PD) has been called "the happy disease".
The characters in Trafic--a domineering but incompetent executive, an unflappable truck driver, and Tati's Chaplinesque Mr.
The piece is entitled Dramatis Personae, and is the trumpeter's lonely journey on a search for identity, finding it at last when he leads a jaunty, charming, Chaplinesque little march among his fellow-workers, supported now by the enthusiastic percussionists who had been such a clicking threat previously.
Everything seems to be coming apart at the seams, and it only gets worse as Zundel's flight from work-world drudgery leads him further and further afield into a Chaplinesque comedy of errors.
forward, even in hell-realms, by its Chaplinesque gait of intermingled
The story contains a seed for silent slapstick movies to come, a Chaplinesque 'modernism', now a dominant form within modernist studies but, at the time, a rare association.
The former choreographs the Chaplinesque, near-wordless physical comedy of human bodies in the interior spaces of a coolly modern office-tower block until punctuality and architectural order are ruptured; the latter orchestrates the balletic dance of anthropological past (hominids on earth) and sci-fi future (astronauts in space) in its eons-spanning tale of humans developing technology until the technology threatens to master them.
Indeed, Chaplin himself served as a readily identifiable figure for artists who tapped into the ethos of the 'machine age,' as can be seen in Hart Crane's explicitly attributed poem "Chaplinesque" (1933) and in Ferdinand Leger's painting "Chariot Cubiste" (1924).
Ranbir's performance as the deafmute hero was a mix of Chaplinesque humour and the standard melodramatic loverboy image.
Though Cohn acknowledges that Beckett is a master of Chaplinesque clowning, "cosmic irony" (which usually conveys a sense of injustice, victimization and acrid pathos) remains the most important category.
Steve's good humor and quick wit will be matched by the Chaplinesque clowning of the irrepressible Renaldo.
Apprenticing in aviation and then travel journalism, Pyle had carefully crafted the persona of a self-effacing, slightly Chaplinesque little guy pestered by small inconveniences and yet driven by grand dreams.