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Synonyms for chaperone

one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people

accompany as a chaperone


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Endoplasmic reticulum chaperone protein GRP78 protects cells from apoptosis induced by topoisomerase inhibitors.
Hsp90 is a chaperone protein, which supervises the activity of tau inside nerve cells.
CopY encodes for Cu responsive repressor and copZ encodes for a chaperone protein.
A chaperone protein (bottom, yellow) called SecB guides the folding of another protein (transparent) in this artist's illustration.
Mesd is a chaperone protein necessary for the proper folding of the signal transduction receptors LRP5 and LRP6.
Ganetespib is not directly affecting ALK; rather it is blocking the chaperone protein that ALK requires to function.
My laboratory was the first to demonstrate thatAmyloid beta facilitates the accumulation of Tau through a variety of mechanisms including by interfering with proteasome function and by reducing a key chaperone protein called Chip," said Dr.
The real surprise was radicicol, a drug that induces proteotoxic stress by inhibiting a chaperone protein, recalled Chen.
Y While working with Stevenson in Nebraska, Bukrinsky and his colleagues found that one HIV protein contains a five-amino-acid sequence that enables it to bind to a chaperone protein inside the cells it infects.
The authors demonstrate that slight variations in MANF's genetic sequence determine its ability to be secreted out of the cell and hypothesize that MANF secretion may be dependent, in part, on the level of expression of GRP78, another ER-resident chaperone protein that increases protein folding in an effort to reduce apoptosis.
Washington, Dec 4 (ANI): In a new study, scientists found that dynamic regulation of the chaperone protein Hsp27 is required to get rid of abnormally accumulating tau in the brains of mice genetically modified to develop the memory-choking tau tangles associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Heat's ImPACT Therapy is based upon heat shock protein gp-96, a chaperone protein found in all huma cells and normally tethered to our cells with a leash called the KDEL sequence.
The Anavex Life Sciences presentation is entitled: "Neuroprotective effects of activators/agonists of the sigma-1 chaperone protein against amyloid toxicity in a mouse mode".