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introduced a new framework to formulate the channel allocation as a min-max optimization problem regarding channel utilization.
That is, the channel utilization of multiple channel on each hop is not considered.
Also, the following formula is used to calculate the channel utilization
A simple and direct technique for determining channel utilization is to measure channel busy time at nodes within its carrier sensing range [26].
However, in the end, financial resources proved to be less important than at first in that at least the measures required at this point in digital channel utilization could be made without great financial investments.
Pan, "A Power Control MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Improved Energy Efficiency and Channel Utilization," Journal of Digital Information Management, 6 (2) 2008.
11a/b/g/n network availability, connectivity, channel utilization and security settings while on the go.
The total channel utilization [eta] is defined as the ratio of the mean number of occupied channels to the total number of channels.
The protocol provides better channel utilization and faster response time at light traffic loading than statistical time division multiplexing allows.
Channel assignment (CA) [2-5] in a multi-radio WMN environment consists of assigning channels to the radio interfaces in order to achieve efficient channel utilization and minimize interference.
Using cross-layer measurements from physical and link layers, we derive the channel utilization metric used to estimate congestion in wireless networks.