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a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distance


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It's as if you're sitting at home with TV channel changer in hand, surfing through the story of Tina's rise to stardom.
When offering content on your site, remember that your visitors control the channel changer (that is, the mouse).
Of course if your channel changer happened to bring you over to The News Hour on PBS any evening last summer, you may have watched a few episodes of International Debt--a rather more serious game show, in which struggling countries like Indonesia and Russia try to win anywhere between $6 billion and $22 billion in debt relief from creditors like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and a number of First World nations.
VCR Plus with a cable channel changer allows automatic programming with a cable box.
Then position the included infrared channel changer cable nearby.
Victor jumped as his digital radio began to screech, he pushed his channel changer.
Never had problems like that with the Man from Rediffusion, even if twiddling with the cooker knob channel changer on the windowsill was less complicated.
In the domain of the 'man's man', the dinner is put in front of him, washing up is women's work, the best armchair is reserved and the channel changer glued to his palm.
With 13 races on cooncil telly punters will have to be quick on the draw with the channel changer.
Chuck, clearly a golfer in desperate need of help, put down his channel changer and called Butch, who has impeccable golf bloodlines but gained fame as the coach of Tiger Woods.