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a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child)

(dentistry) a technique for repairing a tooth

fastening firmly together


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Compared with conventional spectrum allocation strategy considering pure channel bonding or channel reservation, both the requirements of PU packets and SU packets are taken into account in our proposed strategy.
Cellmux integrates the video encoding, the channel bonding, and the link aggregation and so that both the field equipment and the remote demultiplexer are able to communicate with the video encoding process and vary the bitrates and handle different network conditions in a smooth and integrated way.
They specially studied the impact of channel bonding and interference of 802.
The BigBand Networks technology team has furthered its record of innovation, integrating multiple disciplines in this implementation of modular CMTS combined with channel bonding," said Gil Kaufman, BigBand Networks executive vice president of worldwide engineering.
In addition to Real-MIMO technology, Metalink's chipset utilizes sophisticated techniques such as channel bonding, advanced forward error correction (FEC) and antenna loading to increase WLAN performance, and achieves a 50 percent improvement in MAC efficiency as compared to earlier 802.
This is achieved using several key technologies including Real- MIMO, advanced coding, channel bonding, a highly efficient media access control (MAC) packet-aggregation scheme, and Quality of Service (QoS) features.
Enhanced MIMO-OFDM technology is key to achieving a maximum rate of 135 Mbps in the minimum mandatory 2 X 2 configuration and a single 20 MHz channel to keep implementation costs low, while greatly improving upon simple antenna additions or channel bonding schemes.
11g Accelerator Technology and silicon chip technology from Texas Instruments, the Turbo product line uses packet aggregation coupled with frame bursting technology to dramatically improve network efficiency and boost overall performance without channel bonding.
The solution enables channel bonding to connect channels for greater range, and uses a unique protocol to prevent unauthorized access to the network from Wi-Fi systems.
It also offers channel bonding, and several performance tuning features, including pre-emphasis, receiver equalization, differential voltage swing, and on-chip termination.
This value-added solution allows government BGAN users to achieve significantly higher data rates through reliable commercial BGAN channel bonding.
Working within ITU standards, Calix successfully demonstrated the ability of the AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System to leverage NG-PON2 channel bonding to deliver up to 40 Gbps (gigabits per second) downstream, or 80 Gbps of aggregate bandwidth over a single strand of fiber.
It provides ultra-fast cable speeds with 24x8 channel bonding that supports 24 download and 8 upload channels simultaneously.
The performance isolation scheme applied to an isolated virtual network then ensures the use of effective bandwidth resource management such as dynamic bandwidth allocation, weight-based bandwidth allocation, and channel bonding.
11n channel bonding is needed to increase client speeds.