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Yan WJ, Zhang S, Sun P, Seitzinger SP (2003) How do nitrogen inputs to the Changjiang basin impact the Changjiang River nitrate: a temporal analysis for 1968-1997.
Its phenotypic characteristics, however, are similar to Lower Changjiang River Basin Type breeds (especially Taihu pig breeds, such as Meishan pig) and Central China Type pig breeds.
Twenty six Chinese pig breeds are categorized into 5 Chinese pig breed types: i) North China Type; ii) Lower Changjiang River Basin Type; iii) Central China Type; iv) South China Type; and v) Southwest Type.
The mtDNA lineage of Taoyuan pig is close to Lower Changjiang River Basin and Central China Type pig breeds
The D-loop sequence of Taoyuan pig is identical to some of the Lower Changjiang River Basin Type breeds (located in eastern China), including the Jiangsu Jiangquhai, Anhui Wei, Hubei Jianli, and Anhui Wanan pig breeds, and to Central China Type pigs, including the Hunan Daweizi pig breed (Figure 1).
The Changjiang River (CR) region: Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Anhui
The effects of a shock to the Changjiang River region are shown in the IRFs in Figures 3(a) and 3(b).
This finding appears to undermine the recent regional development policy which emphasises the development of the Changjiang River region.
Our overall conclusions are that the three core regions that form the Chinese industrial heartland--the South East, the Changjiang River region and the Yellow River region--are relatively well interconnected.
There followed a three-pronged advance up the Changjiang River.
The bulk of the Chinese army could not be extricated from their fortifications, and of those that could, thousands were slaughtered trying to cross the Changjiang River dominated by Japanese ships and aircraft.
3 After incorporate garment industry's prospect of Pearl River Delta and Changjiang River Delta
The China Changjiang Ship Management Bureau is the government department that manages shipping on China's busy Changjiang river, also known as the Yangtze.
The China Changjiang Ship Management Bureau manages shipping on China's Changjiang river, also known as the Yangtze.
The very turbid nearshore plumes of the Amazon and Changjiang Rivers prevent primary productivity by severely limiting light penetration.