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an automatic mechanical device on a record player that causes new records to be played without manual intervention

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Of the questionable types of money changing, some are so because of money changers, some are so because of the recipients of money changing.
These people are Life Changers. They nurture relationships within which others can grow and explore, and although their personalities may be very different, there seem to be common characteristics or attributes that exemplify people who have such a powerful impact on our thinking.
The company has extensive experience in automated disc changers and pioneered the first graphical user interface for large capacity disc players.
The CD changer controller can control up to two CD changers.
[UKPRwire, Wed Mar 20 2019] Automatic Manual Robot Tool Changers: Introduction Automatic manual robot tool changers refer to interfaces between a robot and the gripper, permitting changes to facilitate efficient functioning of the robotic system.
Kimberley Phillips Boehm, Reality Changers' Interim Executive Director and Chair of the Board, noted that, "cStone & Associates is an outstanding executive search firm that has significant experience finding leaders, whether in industry or for non-profits.
1941 Educational Institutions, 141 Banks, 88 Jewellary Shops, 23 Money Changers, 8 NADRA offices, 7 Hospitals, 2 Courts, 2 WAPDA offices and 2 Hotels have been registered.
Both firms are sole proprietorships whose permits as remittance agent and foreign exchange dealers and money changers were cancelled.
Patent for the unique sealing device on its line of hydraulic and manual screen changers. The seal design reportedly ensures no material leakage at pressures up to 10,000 psi and temperatures to 650 F.
Karachi -- The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has extended the parameter of investigation against Axact scandal, as it decided to include the city top Money changers into the investigation process.
Summary: More than 250 money changers across the country are likely to be stripped of licenses and forced into Lebanon's underground economy...
Kreyenborg replace the screen changer with one of its LK-SWE type piston screen changers and added a melt pump.
KABUL (PAN): Kabul police have detained four suspects on the suspicion of killing Herat money changers union chief in the capital Kabul province early Tuesday morning.
When we consider, then, how this happens, all of those money exchanges not on the part of the money changers but on the part of Peter who gives money to a money changer to be delivered to himself in another place seem to be unjust absolutely speaking.
Valuline dual piston continuous screen changers are available in four sizes for up to 8" extruders, and are said to be priced competitively with slide plate screen changers.