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an automatic mechanical device on a record player that causes new records to be played without manual intervention

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The company has extensive experience in automated disc changers and pioneered the first graphical user interface for large capacity disc players.
The CD changer controller can control up to two CD changers.
For a more affordable jukebox alternative (the Ecast is really designed for restaurants and bars), check out Escient's computer-based, 200-disc DVD changer that plugs into the high-speed Firewire port on a Macintosh G3.
Following are the winners of the 2014 Game Changer Awards:
Conair also offers BD Plast's new and reportedly unique line of hydraulic and lever-operated screen changers that utilize the same body and spare parts (heaters, breaker plates, and seals).
The advantage of the screen changer is that it makes it possible to change screens without opening the head and, depending on the profile dimension and speed, possibly also without interrupting the profile, thus creating a flaw.
By making these automation upgrades with the HIB Changer, we expect a reduction in changeover time to improve our OEE," said Mr.
Shops that have had time to thoroughly evaluate the potential of pallet changers invariably store pallets or sub-fixtures on the shelf for repeat jobs.
One Voice continues to add significant features that extend the digital home experience for playing all your digital content, from music, videos, photo slideshows, PC-to-Phone calling and now DVD Changer capabilities.
The Global Tire Changers Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global tire changers industry.
Haji Esmatullah head of money changers union from western Herat province was killed by unidentified robbers on Airport Road late on Wednesday evening.
Includes cutter-compactors, single-screw recycling extruders, screen changers, and water-ring and strand pelletizers.
This manufacturer of screen changers, gear pumps and underwater pelletizers offers its Valuline Series of dual piston, continuous screen changers.
Heavy-duty modular tool changers from Applied Robotics have been introduced to support the global manufacturing trend toward standard specifications for factory production equipment worldwide.