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Synonyms for changeling

a person of subnormal intelligence

a child secretly exchanged for another in infancy

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Now he is beginning his career as a Janus Guard, one of the specially chosen changelings trained as elite protectors of the gates between the Otherworld and the world of humans.
Witchcraft, fairy tales, and would-be author Russell form an involving read in HARVEST OF CHANGELINGS, a gathering of outstanding events revolving around half-fairies and their uncertain futures.
Some might say this novel about changelings and fairies is a fantasy, but it is written in such a believable way that the reader will be looking at every mischievous child, searching for signs of a changeling.
Harvest of Changelings is a fantastic novel about a single father's efforts to save his half-fairy son.
Readers of the former CHANGELINGS who enjoyed the authors' return to the sentient planet Petaybeee will also want MAELSTROM, the ongoing saga which tells of a planet's formation of a new island to harbor a group of new refugees.
The superbly crafted and enthusiastically recommended poems comprising Wayne Clifford's "The Book Of Were" are based on old engravings representing were-animals and were-folk, changelings at the edges of our known worlds and ordinary lives.
Changelings (or hobgoblins) are "boys and girls stuck in time, ageless, feral as a pack of wild dogs.
Belief in changelings was once widespread in Wales.
As Thomas observes, the early modern belief in fairy changelings also provided an explanation for mental defects in children (732); in addition, see Eberly.
HARVEST OF CHANGELINGS offers up a fast-paced, moving story line packed with powerful characterization and swift action and will delight any collection strong in science fiction and fantasy.
Production resumes with an episode entitled "Apocalypse Rising" in which Captain Sisko (series star Avery Brooks) and the Deep Space Nine crew face two of their most feared and deceptive enemies -- the Klingons and the Changelings.