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ZHOU Zheng, Chairman of COFCO Land Holdings said, "The opening of W Beijing - Chang'an marks a new milestone in our development.
The controls will last for about 30 minutes on Chang'an Street, a major road leading to the Great Hall of the People, the summit venue, and other roads extending from Chang'an Street, said a traffic police officer with the bureau.
a Chinese asset management firm, for an estimated cost of 10 billion yen from Beijing Chang'an Investment Group Co.
Interestingly foreign media have been eager to label the Bulgarian plant as the first Chinese auto maker to set up shop in Europe, some journalists are forgetting that Chinese auto makers have been in Europe for quite some time already, Chang'an has a strong R&D facility in the UK, MG has a factory in the UK too, and Chery have had a CKD facility in Ukraine for a number of years.
Dubai is like the ancient Chinese capital of Chang'an, a global cosmopolitan city where people from 200 countries live and work together.
In late 755, the multi-ethnic army of An Lushan, the Turkic-Sogdian military governor of Fanyang (Beijing), sacked the Tang capitals of Chang'an and Luoyang and began seven years of devastating civil war in which a new dynasty was proclaimed and four rebel emperors replaced each other in rapid succession.
By chance it is Asena who is captured by Swiftarrow and taken injured, back to Chang'an, the capital of the T'ang Empire.
Peugeot Citroen will boost production capacity at its joint venture plant with Dongfeng from 450,000 units to 750,000 units, while also setting up a second joint venture plant with Chinese automaker Chang'an in Shenzhen.
Footage broadcast on television showed the funeral procession traveling slowly down Chang'an Avenue, Beijing's central artery that runs past Tiananmen Square, as uniformed police officers lined the side.
The company plans to use proceeds from the IPO to expand its network of centers, develop its Beijing Proton Medical Center and Chang'an CMS International Cancer Center, and for general corporate purposes.
Secondly, the east-west route at the top of this square, Chang'an Avenue, which had been opened to a tram in 1924 but remained narrow, was doubled, then tripled, then quintupled in size.
Despite the global auto industry was strongly hit by the financial crisis, the Chinese automobile market witnessed a surprising sales boom in August, with some top automakers including Beijing Hyundai Motor, Shanghai General Motors and Chang'an Ford Mazda Automobile nearly doubled their sales.
A long term agreement has been signed between Marriott (NYSE:MAR) and Shaanxi Chang'An Construction & Investment Development for an upscale Marriott-branded hotel.
Hainan Airlines announced that its Chang'an Airlines subsidiary leased out two Embraer E-190s to Grand China Express Airlines for one year.
Hu, Dynamic stability of robotic multi-fingered grasping based on nonlinear measure, Journal of Chang'an University, Natural Science Edition, 27(2007), 103-106.