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a court with jurisdiction in equity

an office of archives for public or ecclesiastic records

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We are gratified that the Appellate Division did not disturb part of the Chancery Division order enjoining Jackson, but are disappointed that they reversed the injunction as to the April 25 fight, We continue to believe that Judge Suter's decision was thorough, well reasoned and correct, and are evaluating our options.
The two judges who found against Yasmin Prest, Lord Justice Rimer and Lord Justice Patten, have a background in the chancery division of the high court that deals with commercial affairs.
Now after many county court hearings a four-day hearing is due to start on Tuesday in the Chancery Division, Leeds.
The case - Midlands Regen Ltd v Mr Collyer - is listed to start on Monday, September 3, in the High Court Chancery Division in Birmingham.
The case - Midlands Regen v Collyer - is listed to start on September 3 in the High Court Chancery Division in Birmingham and is expected to last for several days.
At the Royal Courts of Justice, the claim was issued in the Chancery division, which deals with complex issues, including intellectual property and copyright disputes, probate, and professional negligence.
The case will go before a High Court Registrar in the Chancery Division of the High Court when lawyers for Phoenix Venture Holdings will argue for the disclosure of financial information related to the assets of MG Rover, which passed between administrators PwC and bank HBOS in 2005.
The order was made by Mr Justice Kitchin at a hearing in the Chancery Division of the High Court.
High Court of Justice Chancery Division Manchester Case No: 2521 of 2010 REGENT PROPERTIES (STAFFORDSHIRE) LIMITED (In Administration) Following WK Dawson and I Brown being appointed Joint Administrators of the Company on 9 November 2010, notice is hereby given that the creditors of the Company, are requested to provide details of their debts by sending to the Joint Administrators at Deloitte LLP, 2 Hardman Street, Manchester, M60 2AT, written statements of the amounts they claim to be due to them from the Company and, if so requested, to provide such further details or produce such documentary evidence as may appear to the Joint Administrators to be necessary.
In her extensive report entitled "The Mortgage Foreclosure Explosion: One Court's Response," Dorothy Kirie Kinnaird, presiding judge of the Cook County Chancery Division, noted that the record-setting filings of the year 2000 (16,228) are dwarfed by the number of cases in 2009, estimated to be 53,184.
If she is acting unreasonably you could apply to the Chancery Division of the High Court for an order to remove her as an executor.
The pretty 25-yearold has often appeared in the Chancery division of the High Court, in connection with client matters.
In that case, the general contractor filed a complaint in the Superior Court, Chancery Division challenging the validity of the lien of one of its subcontractors as defective and willfully overstated.
The first sign that the company was in trouble came in February 2002, when a voluntary arrangement was sought at the Chancery Division of the High Court in Leeds.
Michael Tugendhat QC, representing the couple, had asked Sir Andrew Morritt, Vice Chancellor of the chancery division, to postpone the trial from tomorrow to February 10 because Mr Douglas will be carrying out work for the United Nations in Sierra Leone and his wife will be attending the Berlin premiere of her film Chicago.