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the highest officer of the Crown who is head of the judiciary and who presides in the House of Lords

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Perhaps it's an accident, but Corbett's master, the Chancellor of England, doubts it and sends his clerk to investigate.
The Pope's choice: Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England, martyr for the unity of the Church, and for the integrity of the individual conscience.
Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England from 1618-21 said he was ''a good lawmaker for the ease and solace of the common people'.
A rebellious fairy marries a young mortal who becomes Lord Chancellor of England.
Acton was the seat of power of Robert Burnell, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Chancellor of England and the most important man in the kingdom, next to Edward I himself.
John Scott, son of a humble coal dealer, desperately in love with Bessie, daughter of Mr Aubune Surtees, an eminent Tyneside banker - and snob - was to achieve the pinnacle of legal power and become Lord Chancellor of England.
During the reign of King James I, Bacon rose to be lord chancellor of England.
He gave us an insight into the life and times of Bessie Surtees, her family history and the story of her elopement with the young man who eventually became Lord Chancellor of England.
He began attacking Martin Luther's dogmas and represented the king, becoming 'sorter-out and placer of the principal matters and then Chancellor of England in 1529.
Thomas Wolsey introduced him to court and when Wolsey fell from grace in 1529, More (with some reluctance) replaced his old mentor as Chancellor of England, the highest political office in the land.
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