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a screen in a church

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He compares orientation, the chancel screen, facade motif, ecclesiastical furnishings, and niche and apse.
After Mrs James died in 1948, the Queen Mother returned one final time to the village in 1951 to dedicate a chancel screen in the Norman church, in memory of the village benefactor.
A carpeted platform in front of the chancel screen has already been built so that performers can be seen more easily by the congregation.
In the church of my boyhood, each year we draped a fishing net over the chancel screen.
This was followed by gasps of delight as, when Nicholas' final role as a bishop was explained, a larger than life model of the bishop, resplendent in crimson robes and golden mitre with fairy light jewels glistening on his robes, appeared through the curtains which had covered the doorway of the chancel screen.