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Synonyms for chickpea

the seed of the chickpea plant

Asiatic herb cultivated for its short pods with one or two edible seeds

large white roundish Asiatic legume

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Chana dal is grain and is available in some Asian stores but you can substitute with yellow split peas as I have done.
Chana Dal ( Bengal Gram ) grind, soak and make a paste - 20grams or \'bc cup
Taste the Difference Paneer and Chana Dal Curry with cumin and coconut basmati rice (450g)--Fresh and vibrant, with a delicate spicy sweetness, this fragrant vegetarian curry combines creamy spiced paneer with a rich tomato and coconut masala.
Giving details about the relief work here on Monday the Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim al Ghadeer informed that keeping in view the situation is launching an emergency relief project to provide all necessary commodities including rice (10Kg), cooking oil (5litre), sugar (5kg), Chana dal (3kg), wheat flour (flour-20 kg), salt and black tea to the victims of devastating earthquake.
MIXED BLACK DAL (Serves 8) | 100g black lentils, also known as whole urad dal, with skin | 100g mung beans, also known as whole mung dal, with skin | 100g chana dal, this is inner layer of black chickpeas split in half | 100g moth beans | 2 medium onions, finely chopped | 2cm peeled root ginger, cut into slithers | 3tsp finely chopped hot green chilli | 60g unsalted butter | 13/4tsp salt | 1/2tsp turmeric | 4tsp garam masala Method The night before rinse all four types of dal and rinse them well then combine them in a heavy-based pan about 25 centimetres in diameter.
The staple fare is usually gruel made of hand-pounded unpolished rice with chana dal, sometimes accompanied by tender young bamboo shoots or roti made from crushed bamboo seeds.