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Synonyms for Zen

school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith

a Buddhist doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive insight


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Chan has always been consistent in delivering the goods and considering the fact that he maintains the same level of athletiA[degrees] cism he did in his youth even in his 60s is just marvelous.
Wealth and power used to be foreign to Chan, the child of immigrant parents who fled Vietnam on refugee boats in the 1970s and never went to college.
Chan had the vision and foresight to expand the operations of LMC into China.
Shot of Jaycee Chan arriving at the press conference
In 2012 Chan announced he would be cutting down on the number of stunts he would perform in an attempt to take better care of himself.
Beijing police detained the younger Chan at his Beijing apartment in August along with Taiwanese movie star Ko Kai.
Jaycee Chan was detained along with a Taiwanese movie star Ko Kai.
Chan and Sun starred in the Hong Kong movie "The Myth" in 2005.
Chan said based on other studies, it appears there is a six-hour window before the memory is reconsolidated after recall and cannot be altered.
Chan is paired with Hollywood pretty boy Owen Wilson in the sequel to Shanghai Dawn.
For example John Chan is always referred to as "Father.
STUNT king Jackie Chan is retiring from action movies - because they're too violent.
Enlightenment in Dispute: The Reinvention of Chan Buddhism in Seventeenth-Century China.
SAMSUN, Nov 6, 2010 (TUR) -- Philippines' Ambassador to Turkey Pedro Chan said that his country wanted to open honorary consulates in Turkey's northern province of Samsun and northwestern province of Bursa.
Jackie Chan plays it for laughs in this family comedy in which he is a former CIA man who finds that his toughest assignment is taking care of his girlfriend's youngsters.