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Synonyms for championship

the status of being a champion


a competition at which a champion is chosen

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the act of providing approval and support

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The winner of the ACC Championship Game is expected to punch their ticket to the playoffs.
9 million viewers to rank as the most watched AFC Championship Game in 24 years (Patriots-Dolphins on NBC on January 12, 1986, 47.
The Eagles, who won road games in Minnesota and New York to secure a fifth NFC Championship Game appearance in 10 years, will be no push-overs.
He was treated to UCLA's semifinal win over LSU, but UCLA was dominated by Florida 73-57 in the national championship game.
Brown proved his fitness after a week out with a side strain by playing two one-day internationals for Scotland last weekend, but he was still left out of the Championship game against Nottinghamshire.
11, for the 12th Annual FIRST LEGO League Tournament - Flint Championship Games.
We will shoot around and have a light workout and get ready for the championship game (today).
The Giants beat the Minnesota Vikings 41-0 in the NFC championship game.
Aggreko has spent several months preparing sophisticated power and temperature control infrastructure to support festivities, media, and entertainment activities related to the Championship Game in Miami, which is expected to be broadcast to over 1 billion people in over 230 countries around the globe.
A USC victory, and it would be the Trojans playing Ohio State in the national championship game.
FOX Sports is the exclusive national over-the-air television rights holder of the Cotton Bowl; Major League Baseball, including the All-Star Game, alternating League Championship Series and World Series (2007-2013); the National Football League's NFC package, including the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowls XLII and XLV (2006-2011); and NASCAR's NEXTEL Cup racing from February through May, including the Daytona 500 (2007-2014).
Canyon earned the spot in the Division I CIF State Championship game by winning the Southern Section CIF title.
During the 2007 Tostitos BCS Championship Game, a fan will take the field and pick up the kicking tee after a kickoff.
Birmingham recorded six shutouts and averaged 40 points per game, finishing with a 21-14 victory over Los Angeles in the championship game at East L.
FRISCO, Texas -- MLS Cup 2005, Major League Soccer's championship game which crowns the best team in American professional soccer, is coming soon to Frisco, Texas.
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