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Synonyms for champ

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to bite and grind with the teeth

Synonyms for champ

someone who has won first place in a competition

chafe at the bit, like horses

chew noisily


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Champie calls Lafti L10 "feel-good" bacteria because they support immune defenses and improve general well-being.
A private family memorial service was held for Verna Champie of Eugene, who died Sept.
Backed by sound scientific documentation, gut health remains the primary indication for pre- and probiotics, said Isabella Champie, deputy manager and global marketing director for Institut Rosell-Lallemand, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Champie said that other health indications beginning to emerge include immune support, based on the notion the gut is a primary immune site in the human body.
Isabelle Champie, human nutrition brand manager for Institut Rosell-Lallemand, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, said her company has focused its research on the expression of selected probiotic strains on cytokines, which play a central role in the immune system as chemical messengers between cells.