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a changeable or inconstant person

a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Apus and Mensa


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When they go back to their relatives, Chamelon continues to provide education for them and also family counseling.
Chamelon Bar, 7-9 Back Colquitt Street, Liverpool, 0151-707 0283.
Vest Pocket member Camille Chart of Chamelon Artwear says the group unites to protest incentives for national chains, to inform the public about business issues that affect their neighborhoods, and get their voice into the media.
Wiseman, the 52-year-old chairman of East Kilbride-based Wiseman Dairies, is to invest around pounds 1m of his personal wealth in the Chamelon Trust.
Pipeline Engineering, has redesigned its range of popular cup and disc pigs and renamed them as the Chamelon range of pigs.
The chamelon can roll one eye in any direction without moving the other.