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the battle in which Attila the Hun was defeated by the Romans and Visigoths in 451

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Ond yn ffodus mae ganddi ffrind sy'n hen law ar godi ei chalon.
Chalon Way provides 17 industrial units ranging in size from 500 to 2,000 sq ft.
Following my request for a brochure, Chalon called me themselves - top marks there - to suggest an informal meeting with one of their designers.
95 for 40 Chalon pansies (cheque can include subscription).
Additional information on all courses can also be obtaining by calling Jonathan Chalon, at (203) 966-0686, or emailing jchalon@prismb2b.
the city of chalon has been designated coordinator of the group.
Maintenance of green spaces in all areas of the city of chalon-sur-saone, Greater chalon urban community and champforgeuil.
Bourgeois joined Kodak in 1973 as a project engineer in manufacturing at Kodak's facility in Chalon sur Saone, France.
Standardization is not an instrument for wielding power but for generating profits," said Philippe Chalon, chief information officer at Total.
Michael Mayor, NetCreations' President and COO, will continue to manage the company's day-to-day operations, reporting directly to Consodata Group, represented by Marie-Laure Sauty de Chalon, Senior VP Consodata North America.