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Synonyms for challenge

Synonyms for challenge

an act of taunting another to do something bold or rash


behavior or an act that is intentionally provocative

to call on another to do something requiring boldness


to confront boldly and courageously

to come near, as in quality or amount

to express opposition, often by argument

to take a stand against

Synonyms for challenge

a demanding or stimulating situation

questioning a statement and demanding an explanation

a formal objection to the selection of a particular person as a juror

Related Words

a demand by a sentry for a password or identification

Related Words

take exception to

ask for identification

raise a formal objection in a court of law

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In the Wilsona School District, incumbent Maurice Kunkel faces challengers Dorothy Greene, Sharon Toyne, Shirley Harriman and Connie Montes for two seat.
Simi Valley City Council members Paul Miller and Sandi Webb were leading over well-backed challenger Glen Becerra.
Incumbents Mildred Lynch and Elaine McKearn face challengers Mary Jo DelCampo, Michael Dunn, Terri Tatone-Hitt, R.
The challengers were unique among the 286 candidates in the state.
The AVRA announced its endorsements of incumbent Sue Stokka and challenger Wayne Woodhall.
Newhall Land's permission for the challengers to place large campaign signs on the developer's high-profile properties is an indication the company is behind the three, Plambeck said.
is a celebration ofapproximately 1,000 of the most "tricked out" Chrysler 300s, Dodge Chargers, Dodge Challengers and Dodge Magnums.
AC: I've noticed that the challengers often have special signature tools or service pieces with them on set--David Burke with his bed of nails, for instance, or Morou with the test-tube popsicle molds.
Michael McGrath, namesake and son of the district's former longtime superintendent; incumbent Steve Tannehill; and challenger Robert Jensen Jr.
Flynn faces two challengers and has raised $24,193 and spent $22,716 in his re-election bid, more than the $3,000 challenger Arlene Fraser has said she expects to spend.
In a candidates forum hosted by the Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce, challengers Gaynor and Abber said they were opposed to Measure 04-A, which would charge $25 per parcel annually to finance additional deputies.
Over a five-year span, approximately 188,600 Dodge Challengers were sold.
No challengers filed to run against incumbents Chuck James, Zoe Palumbo and Danna Plewe, so they will be appointed to their seats.
All-new R/T Classic pays homage to Dodge Challengers of yesteryear