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Gregor Staab, Pythagoras in der Spatantike, Studien zu De Vita Pythagorica des Iamblichos von Chalkis (2002), pp.
66) This mythological character, with its cruel and wild nature, is used as an equivalent of Damonicus from Chalkis, who also had this mixture of piety and impiety, of good and evil.
Water-based inks and varnishes are manufactured in Chalkis, and the company also has a branch in Thessalonica.
To their surprise, they also had to admit that some of the men--who during dance rehearsals had christened themselves les grands chiens de Chalkis (the big dogs of Chalkis)--moved more gracefully and girlishly than they did.
In particular, For fuel, The highest discount rate, The average retail price on the day of delivery in the city of chalkis, While for lubricants the lowest price, A budget of 1.
The MV Ocean Countess, which inaugurated turnaround departures from the new Liverpool Cruise Terminal on May 29, 2012, was laid-up at Chalkis, in the Aegean Sea, and due back in service next year.
Here the association with an Athenian potter is extremely tenuous: a 4th-century Athenian envoy to Chalkis named Kephalos had a father called a kerameus by a scholiast to Aristophanes' Ecclesiazusae.
Contract notice: "implementation of snow clearing, period 2014-2015: a) on side roads (sr) of the pathe motorway sections: a) the athens-lamia by the end of the administrative boundaries of the region of attica to ch 90 + 000, b) athens-corinth by the end of the administrative boundaries of the region of attica to ch 87 + 500 (ak ancient corinth), b) the portion of highway schimatariou chalkis and c) the adjacent roads (sr) of patras bypass.
Findspots (with date and, where known, mint of the last minted coin): Chalkis (615/6, Thessalonica; Metcalf 1962, p.
Contract award: System tile-elenchou/tilecheirismou to automatically manage and control the leakage of water supply DD Avlidas, LILANTION, Artaki, Anthidona and the city of Chalkis
Object of the service contract is the implementation of the snow-clearing on side roads (SR) of PATHE Motorway sections: a) Athens-Thessaloniki from chainage 5 +250 to km 90 +000, b) Athens-Corinth by End Attiki Odos to CH 87 +500 (AK Ancient Corinth) and c) the section of Highway Shimatari Chalkis.
Greece, Carcesa, Cecab, Centura Foods, Cerealis, CGC, Chalkis Xianjiang, Charlier- Brabo, Chistu, Chovi, Chymos, Cirio, Cirio de Rica, Colman's, Columbus, Comercial Gallo, Compal, Compre y Compare, Conservas Napal, Conserve Mediter.