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Synonyms for Chaldaean

a wise man skilled in occult learning

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an inhabitant of ancient Chaldea

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of or relating to ancient Chaldea or its people or language or culture

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50) In the immediate case it was presently decided to hand Alexander over to be embalmed by Chaldaeans and Egyptians (Curtius 10.
Worthington 2004:189 suggests that the Chaldaeans had their own reasons for deterring Alexander from entering Babylon.
Jews were described variously as purely Caucasian Semites, dark Egyptians, ruddy Edomites, black Cushites, mixed-blood Chaldaeans, and so on.
As with the case of the priest Mithras in the final book, the competing tales of the Chaldaean Diophanes trade on evaluative, confrontational, but not necessarily exclusive judgments of Lucius and Milo.
Iamblichus, Synesius, and the Chaldaean Oracles in Marsilio Ficino's De vita libri tres: hermetic magic or neo-platonic magic?
The last wholesale rebuilding of the city's monumental structures was conducted by the kings of the Chaldaean dynasty (625-539 BC), particularly Nabopolassar, Nebuchad-nezzar II and Nabonidus.
For the Chaldaean city of Sa-amile, see Luckenbill 1924: 53; Unger 1938: 35; Dietrich 1970: 39, 55-57 (about the circumstances of 673); Parpola 1970: 328.
The latter's treatise De radiis appears therefore to be an innovative combination of catarchic astrology with the magical technique of telestike described for example in the Chaldaean Oracles of Julian the Theurgist.
After the flood, though, the light of history migrated from the Assyrians, through the Chaldaeans, the Medians, and the Greeks, to alight finally on the Romans at the western periphery of the world.
Full well he knows that the giving of a fountain or a park, the establishing of a college chair on the Neolithic drama or the elegiac poetry of the Chaldaeans, will more than outweigh the dodging of taxes, the grabbing of streets and the corrupting of city councils.
The reference to the Chaldaeans is seen as evidence of a later editor modifying the Yahwistic original for readers in the neo-Babylonian period.
Ezechiel, Daniel and Esdras foresee the mysteries of the divine oracles among the Assyrians, Chaldaeans, Medes and Persians; they define the periods and established patterns of behaviour.
56 (not 57) does not say that the Phoenicians learned the rudiments of navigation from the Chaldaeans, although that may well have been the case.
The Chaldaeans had taught him about astrology and its impact on human life.
Rejection of Islam can be measured by the fact that its adherents are never called Muslims but Chaldaeans, Saracins, Hagarenes or Ishmaelites, Arabs, Moors, Infidels, Pagans, etc.