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10) Cumes l'Eubeenne, ville de Campanie, au nord du golfe de Naples, sur les cotes de l'Italie est une des anciennes colonies grecques, fondee par Chalcis en Eubee, au VIII' siecle.
Celles qui devaient etre remises aux Romains etaient les cites d'Oreos, d'Eretria, Chalcis, Demetrias et Corinthe (59).
In 323 Alexander died, and when the anti-Macedonian faction gained strength in Athens, Aristotle found it expedient to leave and moved to Chalcis in Euboea where he died the following year.
Hockeria was erected by Walker (1834) based on the type species Chalcis bispinosa Fabricius sensu Kirby (Hockeria bifasciata Walker) (Narendran and Sudheer, 2005).
Se encontraron algunos endoparasitoides braconidos (Microgastrinae) y calcididos de los generos Trigonura, Chalcis y Brachymeria, formando enjambres alrededor de larvas y pupas de la polilla del algarrobo; especialmente en la epoca seca, cuando la larva de E.
En effet, vers 373, a la suite d'une brouille avec sa famille, il decide de vivre en ermite dans le desert de Chalcis, en Syrie, connu sous le nom de "Thebaide" en raison du grand nombre d'ennites qui y vivaient.
he left the Lyceum and took refuge in Chalcis on the island of Euboea.
Andromadas of Rhegium was the lawgiver for Thracian Chalcis, and
Iamblichus of Chalcis was one of the more illustrious of the sequence of famous teachers who kept alive the traditions of Pythagorean and Platonic doctrines in the Roman empire.
Greek political history is addressed in articles on the quorum in democratic Athens and the links between Rome and Chalcis during the Macedonian wars.
This paper examines the works of three contemporaries--the Neoplatonic philosophers Porphyry of Tyre and Iamblichus of Chalcis and the Christian bishop Eusebius of Caesarea--in order to explore the ways in which ancient linguistic theories and practices served as a kind of border-post in which late-ancient intellectuals constructed and contested imperial subjectivities.
The Byzantine grammarian John Tzetzes wrote that "Under the royal patronage of Ptolemy Philadelphus, Alexander of Aetolia edited the books of tragedy, Lycophron of Chalcis those of comedy, and Zenodotus of Ephesus those of Homer and the other poets" (Tzetzes, 1952, pp.
Operation Chalcis, an air assault operation targeting possible al Qaeda in Iraq hideouts, wasn't performed by the battalion's attached infantry company or the commander's security team; it was conducted by its Signal Company.
His kleptomania is wittily linked to his home town of Chalcis by the punning on Calkido~ and apecalkise (62) and emphasised by the repeated kleptwn (4, 6 bis).
You wouldn't know it to look at them: There, arrayed in varying degrees of sartorial elegance, are the women of Chalcis, their black-clad chic matched by the pale linen splendor of Agamemnon (Ben Daniels).