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En la epoca de lluvias estan presentes las familias Braconidae, Diapriidae, Pteromalidae, Chalcididae, Leucospidae, Evaniidae, Encyrtidae, Ichneumonidae y Eurytomidae, las cuales tambien son comunes durante la epoca seca.
Families of Collected at Collected at Number of Hymenoptera Hacienda Kiuic Specimens Collected Tabi Research Collected Station Scoliidae [check] 1 Xiphydriidae [check] 1 Formicidae [check] [check] 30 Vespidae [check] [check] 20 Apidae [check] [check] 27 Ichneumonidae [check] [check] 31 Sphecidae [check] [check] 24 Dryinidae [check] [check] 4 Pompilidae [check] [check] 4 Bradynobaenidae [check] [check] 3 Tiphiidae [check] [check] 6 Halictidae [check] [check] 9 Eucollidae [check] [check] 4 Bethyliidae [check] [check] 3 Ormyridae [check] [check] 2 Mutillidae [check] [check] 6 Braconidae [check] 7 Colletidae [check] 2 Scelionidae [check] 2 Chalcididae [check] 2 Torymidae [check] 1 Diapriidae [check] 1 Eucharitidae [check] 3 Evaniidae [check] 1 Andrenidae [check] 1 Sapygidae [check] 1
Abundance Area Group Preserved Disturbed Phylum Arthropoda Class Insecta Order Blattodea 3 0 Other Order Coleoptera Family Bostrichidae 0 3 Herbivore Family Coccinellidae 1 1 Predator Family Tenebrionoidea 1 0 Other Order Collembola 13 3 Other Order Hemiptera Family Cycadidae 0 1 Herbivore Family Myridae 3 0 Herbivore Family Pentatomidae 2 0 Herbivore Family Thyreocoridae 13 1 Herbivore Order Hymenoptera Family Formicidae Brachymyrmex heeri 2 37 Ants Camponotus crassus 94 36 Ants Camponotus fastigatus 3 0 Ants Family Chalcididae 12 3 Other Order Lepidoptera 5 0 Herbivore Order Orthoptera Family Tettigoniidae 1 0 Herbivore Order Thysanoptera 5 2 Herbivore Class Arachnida Order Araneae Family Anyphaenidae 18 0 Spider Family Araneidae Araneus corporosus 1 0 Spider Araneus sp.
Los parasitoides obtenidos fueron conservados en alcohol al 70 % en tubos eppendorf e identificados siguiendo las claves de Palacio & Wahl (2006) para Ichneumonidae, Delvare & Arias-Penna (2006) para Chalcididae, Whitfield (1997) para Brachonidae y Sandonato et al.
texanus reported here, we also collected two other specimens of the family Chalcididae.
Report on the parasitic Cynipidae, part of the Braconidae, the Ichneumonidae, the Proctotrypidae, and part of the Chalcididae.
2011), se identificaron seis parasitoides, tres de la familia Tachinidae (Diptera), y tres Hymenoptera (Familias Scelionidae, Chalcididae e Ichneumonidae).
The Chalcididae, and other Chalcidoidea, are one of the biggest tropical groups of insects and are particularly diverse, according to Marchiori et al.
Como parasitoides de pupas se reconocieron a las familias Ichneumonidae, Chalcididae y Eulophidae, siendo los primeros mas abundantes, destacandose Pimpla sanguinipes, Lymeon sp.
Eight families (Aphelinidae, Braconidae, Ceraphronidae, Chalcididae, Mymaridae, Scelionidae, Torymidae and Trichogrammatidae) were associated with the understory, while only one (Figitidae) was associated with the canopy (Table 2).
Wood (1982) reported among the Hymenoptera containing parasitoids of scolytines the families Braconidae, Bethylidae, Chalcididae, Diapriidae, Encyrtidae, Eulophidae, Eupelmidae, Eurytomidae, Gasteruptiidae, Ichneumonidae, Mymaridae, Podagrionidae, Proctotrupidae, Pteromalidae, and Torymidae.
Ademas se encontraron individuos de la familia Chalcididae (Hymenoptera) parasitando pupas de P.
22 Diptera Muscidae Fannia cannicularis 22 Coleoptera Staphylinidae * 22 Hymenoptera Chalcididae * 22 Diptera Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga spp.