Council of Chalcedon

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the fourth ecumenical council in 451 which defined the two natures (human and divine) of Christ


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He concludes the first questio with a direct reference to Huguccio and the Chalcedonian canon:
48) In short, Sobrino's theology of mercy presupposes and is only intelligible within a thoroughly Chalcedonian Christology.
With respect to the Trinity, the SQ maintains in multiple places that orthodox Chalcedonian Christology is not the subject of God's reprimand in the Qur'an, but rather exaggerated forms of the Trinity (namely, Monophysite Christology).
As understood by the Christian theological tradition in the Athanasian and Chalcedonian creeds, the dual nature of Jesus Christ is what bridges the chasm between the divine and the human.
This latter move is clearly intended to shock theological sensibilities, unsettling any temptation to project Nicene and Chalcedonian assertions of Christ's ontological uniqueness onto earlier (or more popular) thought.
Having located the Chalcedonian, or asymmetrical, model of interdisciplinarity within a larger typology, this section of the article delineates its specific parameters as presented by Hunsinger.
He analyzes Yoder's critique of Nicene and Chalcedonian creedal formations, highlighting its missiological orientation.
However, if read in context the paragraph presents not an alternative to Chalcedon but Dupuis' permutation of Chalcedonian Christology.
Stewart, Harvard 1973), variously upholding the Catholic Faith, Augustinian concepts of the Trinity, Chalcedonian Christology against Nestorian heresy, and the notion that God's goodness makes all things inherently good.
Evans argues that Theodora played a decisive role in the government of the Empire, especially in the theological issues between the orthodox, Chalcedonian, view and the 'heretical', monophysite, view over the nature of Christ.
Adams invokes a Chalcedonian Christology in grappling with the second part of her task.
From your standpoint, why not choose one current version of the historical Jesus, one stripped down to the bare-bones version of Crossan or Mack, and then ask why the time was "wasted" on the mythic development toward the full blown Christ of Chalcedonian dogma.
As I shall contend in this article, the doctrine that the humanity of Christ subsists in the hypostasis or person of the Logos is championed by Chalcedonian authors in the controversy on the Christology of the Council of 451 from the sixth century onwards (though not by Leontius of Byzantium, as was taken for granted in the wake of Loofs), whereby the technical meaning of enhypostatos as expressing this doctrine gradually emerges.
Burgess, `The accession of Marcian in the light of Chalcedonian apologetic and monophysite polemic', BZ 86/87 (1993-94), 47-68, esp.
Elias the patriarch of Jerusalem refused to support the emperor when he deposed Macedonius, the Chalcedonian patriarch of Constantinople.