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a former town on the Bosporus (now part of Istanbul)

the fourth ecumenical council in 451 which defined the two natures (human and divine) of Christ

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60) Is it imperative that Chalcedon be read to imply a qualitatively unique incarnation?
Responding to a surge of heresies that either tried to separate entirely Christ's divine nature from his human nature (Nestorianism) or join them into a single nature (Monophysitism), the bishops at Chalcedon definitively split Christ's divine and human natures while balancing them in perfect union:
Severus was the leader of those who thought that Chalcedon had betrayed Cyril of Alexandria, and were not prepared to accept such imperial compromises as the Henotikon: since at one point they found no support from any of the major sees of Christendom, they were known as akephaloi.
His correspondence (including 17 letters addressed to him by others) is a valuable source for ecclesiastical doctrine and church-state relationships; Letter 2, to Nestorius, was adopted as canonical at the crucial Council of Chalcedon (451).
His doctoral thesis on "The Council of Chalcedon and the Christology of Severus of Antioch" was basically an attempt to reappraise the pro- and anti-Chalcedonian positions which had caused so much division and bitterness in the history of the church -- a reappraisal that could, and happily did, lead to movements towards unity and reconciliation.
A second canon of note was surfaced by the young women in the class: #15 from the Council of Chalcedon, in 451, that stated: "No woman under 40 years of age is to be ordained a deacon, and then only after close scrutiny.
Contract award notice: food supplies, consumable items and provide milk for the technical staff for the needs of the city of philadelphia - chalcedon and utilities of philadelphia chalkidona year 2016.
Similarly, in the last chapter, an agile overview of a few "ongoing themes"--such as anthropology, ecclesiology, and Christology--will help readers move with confidence from the pre-Nicene authors to the era of the great trinitarian and christological controversies of Constantinople and Chalcedon, as well as to the later syntheses of the Scholastic period.
The main groups promoting it, the Chalcedon Foundation and American Vision, do not have large budgets but are recognized as having established the framework for mixing religion and politics that many Religious Right leaders cite as a model for their activism.
Dubbed 'The Theologian' by the Council of Chalcedon, also (with Basil and John Chrysostom) 'Hierarch of the Faith,' Gregory was the 'Christian Demosthenes' for his eulogy (Oration 43) of Basil, achieving an "eloquent synthesis of Hellenic culture and Christian values" (George Kennedy, Greek Rhetoric under Christian Emperors, 1983, p.
In the 1930's, a debate was initiated by Franciscan theologians who attempted to rehabilitate the different formulation of Duns Scotus by questioning the general interpretation of what the Council of Chalcedon actually affirmed.
Since Panikkar knows more obscure quotations than most, we read quotes from the "North American President Taft" to the Vulgate, to El Monde Diplomatique, to the Council of Chalcedon.
Ahmanson for many years was a chief financial backer of the Chalcedon Institute, a Christian Reconstructionist group in Vallecito, Calif.
These Churches have been in schism for 1500 years since they rejected the conclusions of the Council of Chalcedon (451 A.
The homo-ousios of Nicaea and the one person and two natures of Chalcedon fall within those guidelines.