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the first Hindu calendar month (corresponding to March in the Gregorian calendar)

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The results obtained in our study were found to be comparable with the studies done by Chaitra K M et al.
They are not tired of advocating the 26 Chaitra as the foundation of democracy or say present day 'loktantra'.
Sherry Bates, MBA, Tina McElravey, Elizabeth Hart, Lucreza Williams, MPH, Amy Collier, MCRP, Chaitra Subramanya, MPH, Jared Woo, MPH, Marcha E.
(7.) Goswami M, Chaitra T, Chaudhary S, Manuja N, Sinha A.
Chaitra Narayan, Associate Director, Chemicals, Materials and Food at industry tracker Frost & Sullivan, is sceptical about locating of all plantations in a state impacted by climatic extremes.
"There are a lot of computer science engineers in my family," Chaitra Chandrasekhar, who's majoring in medical electronics and biomedical engineering at BMS, wryly observed, during a roundtable chat over tea and biscuits at the school.
Harela is a Hindu festival which is celebrated thrice a year during Navratri, Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri.
[10] A descending trend in PEFR at different trimesters was observed by Chaitra and Maitri.
The following day, 31 Chaitra, 1377 BS-Chaitra Sankranti-the last day of the Bengali year, 14th April '71, we crossed the border to Krishnanagar.But there was an emotional incident.
The auspicious occasion will be celebrated on the ninth day of Chaitra month (March-April) in the Hindu lunar calendar.
There she is at the Chaitra Bhoomi memorial for Dr.
Opener Chaitra Kotian top scored with an unbeaten 31 while Bubli Kusha chipped in with a useful 22.
Burnout in this context means feeling exhausted, cynical and ineffective on the job, according to Chaitra Hardison, RAND's senior behavioral scientist and lead author of the study.
Chhau is a masked ritual folk dance celebrating the annual sun festival (Chaitra Parva) in April.