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a battle in which Philip II of Macedon defeated the Athenians and Thebans (338 BC) and also Sulla defeated Mithridates (86 BC)

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The Religious Spirit of Plutarch of Chaironeia first appeared in 1987, and The Life of Mark Antony in 1992, both originally in German.
7) My account of Plutarch and his Moralia is based on Konrat Ziegler, Plutarchos von Chaironeia (Stuttgart: Druckenmuller, 1949), repr.
Methoni may have remained outside Messenian control until even later possibly until the Battle of Chaironeia (338 B.
More careful editing ought to have detected the oddity of imposing a sixth-century Athenian cleruchy on Samos rather than Salamis (30), and of having Diodoros say that Philip had `not less than 2,000 cavalry' at Chaironeia (180), when the very same extract had previously read `more than 3,000 horse' (174).
25) Thus, a date shortly before Chaironeia more closely fits Polybios' testimony than one some ten years earlier.
The battle of Chaironeia, notoriously difficult to recreate, is treated to five diagrams, supposedly depicting five phases of the battle.