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a ski lift on which riders (skiers or sightseers) are seated and carried up or down a mountainside


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The electricty failure occurred at the time when hundreds of tourists were riding on the chairlifts and cable cars.
The report also disclosed that the Israeli Municipality signed a contract with SAFEG French company which in turn contracted with another French firm called Poma and specialized in chairlift construction.
MULTAN -- The Punjab government has approved funds for a chairlift at the Fort Munro hill station, some 86 kilometres away from Dera Ghazi Khan city.
STRANDED 3 Cameron and dad Iain were stuck when chairlifts collided and cable sagged to the ground, top
A derailed chairlift at a Scottish ski resort has left at least six people injured and dozens more stranded.
2000 - The Minuteman lift was converted to a high-speed quad chair, giving Wachusett two four-passenger chairlifts.
Other improvements include a new inner-tubing park and two new quad chairlifts - one of which is, appropriately, named after Ed Thurston.
For skiing, a new track from the summit of the Pralong chairlift to where the Swiss chairlift departs has been established.
Moving the Coyote and Roadrunner chairlifts will cost $250,000 and take approximately three months.
In summer, the snow season's gondolas and chairlifts lead visitors to high-country wildflower hikes.
On the advice of occupational therapists we have installed chairlifts in a number of properties.
And Taos Ski Valleys chairlifts are pressed into service for summer sightseeing.
The money will also be put towards the provision of a chairlift, ramps and disabled toilet at Radford Primary, Lawrence Saunders Road, Radford and the provision of disabled toilets and chairlifts at St Christopher's Primary, Allesley Old Road, Chapelfields; and Christ the King RC Junior, Scots Lane, Coundon.
The 53-year-old managing director at Nevis Range, Scotland's newest ski complex, was left in suspense after one of its brand-new chairlifts made an unscheduled halt.
At Winter Park (800-729-5813), fenced-off areas protect beginners and families from speed demons who cut through to the chairlifts.