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the most basic of all crochet stitches made by pulling a loop of yarn through another loop

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a looped stitch resembling the links of a chain

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With serger-cone or all-purpose thread in a single needle and decorative thread in the chain looper, a bold, beautiful chainstitch creates surface detail that turns an ordinary project into something special with no need for expensive trim.
The present range of Brother computerized lockstitch machines and Hikari computerized chainstitch and lockstitch machines are direct drive and save upto 50% electricity, have low noise, are oil free or semi oil free to avoid fabric staining.
The new pattern in the FoxFibre Collection is a chainstitch woven grid, Napa.
Four needle, cylinder bed, needle feed double chainstitch machine with turn down folder, bracket and pneumatic food lifter for attaching waist band.
Asif Ali Rashid: We have been working with Pegasus Sewing Machinery Company for many years and Pegasus has been the pioneer of many key developments in the field of overlock, safety chainstitch and interlock machinery.
Anichini is introducing Lakshmi, a raw silk fabric with traditional Tambour chainstitch embroidery, in colorways of Wheat, Celery and Coffee.
Constructions: Braided, handknotted, machine woven, machine tufted, hand- tufted, handhooked, needlepoint, printed chainstitch
Automatic chainstitch eyelet buttonholer with CNC step motor technology.
Seven new designs will be offered in the Jasmine Collection of Indian chainstitch rugs.