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Chainsaw manufacturers are investing in R&D to produce more efficient chainsaws in terms of power and speed.
Here, kickback was studied by placing sensors directly on commercial chainsaws and having humans, with appropriate protection, operate the saws under both normal-cutting conditions and during kickback.
From that point, the process was purely imaginative and organic, using a series of smaller chainsaws to really focus on the intricate detailing.
POLICE are urging anyone offered a chainsaw for sale to check for distinctive markings.
Trading standards chiefs said 486 boxes containing the self-assembly chainsaws were impounded at the Port of Dover in Kent.
Gusthart''s has always stocked a broad product range, including chainsaws, brushcutters, hedge-trimmers, lawnmowers, personal protective equipment, all tools and accessories.
For more advanced needs, Newlands Training offer an Operate Chain Saw from Rope and Harness course, which allows operatives to use chainsaws in trees, undertaking various activities from simple pruning to crown reduction and sectional felling.
found a third of stores did not warn customers to wear goggles and gloves when using a chainsaw.
Among the items stolen were; A De Walt cordless 18v drill in its box and complete with charger; a MaKita cordless 18v drill also in its box; a MaKita Kango breaKer 240v drill in its box; a McCulloch petrol-driven multi-garden tool with hedge trimmer, chainsaw and strimmer attachments; a green coloured garden line petrol chainsaw and a McCulloch petrol driven chainsaw.
Is it the booze, the food, the festive decorations - or the chainsaw buzzing in the background?
David Precht, was jailed for 26 months in March after he was convicted of a break-in at Glendale Countryside, on Hill Street, South Shields in which chainsaws and blowers were stolen.
FARMERS throughout Wales were warned yesterday by union officials to be on their guard for a bogus salesman offering cheap chainsaws for sale.
The most recent information that I could find shows a total of 28,543 injuries from chainsaws in 1999.
Native American Duane Lefthand of Taos Pueblo knows all about chainsaws and arteries--both the kind that bear human blood and the kind that bear water, the lifeblood of our high desert culture and economy.
The stuntman, from Santa Monica, is well known in the US for his Chainsaws of Death act, which involves him juggling three running chainsaws.