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portable power saw

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People are welcome to take the wood, we just can't have people turning up with chainsaws and putting themselves at risk.
They use a little-known citizen's arrest law, plus the support of local communities, to confiscate chainsaws, mining drills, cyanide fishing gear and any other equipment used to destroy Palawan's environment.
In August Chris came second in the English Open Chainsaw Carving competition, held in Cheshire.
The only kind of electric chainsaw sharpeners I recommend look like a miniature wood-cutting miter saw.
I found myself in need of a chainsaw, and not just because I have a beard.
Carl started collecting David Bradley chainsaws about 17 years ago.
ISIS executioners have used chainsaws in the past to kill victims.
Most chainsaws have a line on the top and side of the casing that is perpendicular to the bar.
com)-- North Shropshire College's (NSC) Walford Campus will be hosting part-time Chainsaw courses, the courses will be taught by lecturer Selwyn Wayne-Smith.
Chainsaw Operation: A Practical Guide to Safe Work Technique for Chainsaw Operators
Chainsaw manufacturers are investing in R&D to produce more efficient chainsaws in terms of power and speed.
The sculpture was carved using four chainsaws of different sizes by Simon O'Rourke.
A short time later the rear window of the work van was found to be smashed with three Stihl orange and white coloured chainsaws stolen.
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is set to distribute 500 chainsaws in three areas ravaged by typhoon "Yolanda" in Eastern Visayas to boost rehabilitation efforts there.
The company, which sells to gardeners and those working in the woodland, landscape and arborist trades, is a major dealer in STIHL and VIKING products, its range includes everything from chainsaws to hedgetrimmers.