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a gang of convicts chained together

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Maintaining order without 'resorting to the chaingang practice', Douglas emerges as a practical and balanced character, but not because he 'was to have a distinguished career [becoming] Commissioner of Police'.
N No 408 Yes(*) 105 Wronged by policemen 21 Judge and jurors acted fairly 71 Judge and jurors did not act fairly 41 No Response 22(**) Opinion of those sent to chaingang N Bad and unfortunate 164 Deserve punishment "if guilty" 54 Doubt if prisoners were guilty 46 Feel sorry for persons 25 Punishment made them worse 25 Disgrace to their race 28 No Response 192(**) (*) Du Bois did not provide figures for the Yes responses.
The Chaingang - who call themselves erotic dancers - are on the lookout for a raunchy recruit to join them on their Irish tour.
ROBERT MITCHUM CONVICTED of smoking marijuana at 24, the actor was first arrested for vagrancy at 16 and sentenced to a week in jail, which he spent on a Georgia chaingang.
Black Policeman (Holding up shotgun): This heah is about life on the chaingang, boy.