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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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Cheng Uei's Apple retail chain store, Studio A, is an official reseller for Apple's products, which now owns 30 outlets in Taiwan, two in Hong Kong, and one in Nanking and Hefei City, China, each.
All New York shoppers want this Christmas is a chain store.
Of the 41 shops surveyed in its Rhiw Shopping Centre, 33 were found to be chain stores while only eight were independently owned.
People are not going to travel to Coventry for the chain store that they can access in their own town.
We had someone trying to buy a bunch of buildings and he was telling people he was planning to put in a bunch of chain stores," said Drayman.
For November 25-December 31, 2005, the busiest shopping season of the year, we call on ethically responsible people across the world to "Break the Chains" of self-destructive consumerism by boycotting Wal-Mart and other national and international chain stores, fastfood restaurants, corporate coffeehouses, and products bearing the logos of the multinational Brand Name Bullies.
A large number of retail chain stores for electric and electronic home appliances operates in the domestic market.
But the lingering recession also continues to cast a shadow over the prospects for more chain stores on Staten Island.
an affiliate of the Uni-President Group, recently announced the termination of its partnership with Plaza Style, a Japanese retailing conglomerate, and will close the six Plaza Style chain stores in Taiwan soon.
98 billion yen, the Japan Chain Stores Association said in a preliminary report covering 8,431 stores operated by 97 supermarket chains.
In related, news, Virgo Publishing (Phoenix, AZ) has launched Low Carb Retailer SourceBook, annual reference being distributed to 10,000 buyers at chain stores, grocery stores, convenience store chains, drug chains, and wholesalers and distributors.
SoHo is returning to its roots as the home of one-of-a-kind destination retailers as lease prices have become more affordable and national chain stores are choosing other locations in the city"
Robert Yoho, President of Ultimate Comfort Systems, said, "We're pleased to announce these new contracts that recognize the importance of PowerCold's advanced technology for chain stores.
Faced with greater competition from those "big guys"--large chain stores and Internet retailers--small gay and lesbian bookstores across the country are in a heap of trouble.
Chain stores are nothing new to the Los Angeles area's Christian bookstore industry, though.