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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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Analysis of 67,521 chain stores - accounting for those with more than five national outlets - across 500 town centres in Great Britain showed that there were 2,564 store closures during the first six months of the year.
Five years ago, chain stores had a 3 percent share in the retailing of goods in Iran, but last year this rose to about 7 percent, Alireza Parvaneh, the manager of the Food and Drinks Department of the Refah Chain Stores Company, told the Financial Tribune.
In conjunction, the Beijing Government is expected to recommend senior citizens receiving governmental allowances to buy agricultural products from the chain stores.
All New York shoppers want this Christmas is a chain store.
Wine and beer sales in chain stores would have an economic impact in the state approaching $100 million per year.
31 August 2011 - Rating agency CRISIL yesterday said it had given a D rating to the bank facilities of Indian leather products retailer JMD Chain Stores Ltd.
Cheng Uei's Apple retail chain store, Studio A, is an official reseller for Apple's products, which now owns 30 outlets in Taiwan, two in Hong Kong, and one in Nanking and Hefei City, China, each.
Shoppers tend to have far fewer conversations in chain stores as there's less of a community feel about them," he said.
People are not going to travel to Coventry for the chain store that they can access in their own town.
here has elevated Brett Stonerock to manager of its Strategic Marketing Initiative program designed to help Laurel's independent retailers compete against the supercenters and chain stores.
Montrose has had successful relationships with chain stores such as Baskin Robbins and Winchell's Donuts in the past.
From Manhattan to Mexico, from China to Chile, farmers, consumers, and independent businesses ate resisting the invasion of Wal-Mart and the Corporate Chain stores and building grassroots power through local, green, and just commerce.
Current Lebhar-Friedman properties include: Chain Store Age, a monthly for executives with home centers, supermarkets, drug chains, and discount and department stores; Drug Store News, published 17 times a year for professionals at chain and independent drug stores, discount stores and wholesalers; DSN Retailing Today, produced nine times a year for executives at department stores, clubs, super centers and specialty chain stores; Home Channel News, published 22 times a year for executives selling hardware and home improvement products to consumers and building professionals; Nation's Restaurant News, a weekly for the food service industry; and, Chain Store Guide, an online information service.
33 billion yen on a same-store basis for the 11th straight month of year-on-year fall, the Japan Chain Stores Association said in a preliminary report covering 8,566 stores operated by 97 supermarket chains.
CHAIN stores that spread ``like weeds in the garden'' are turning traditional high streets into ``clone towns''.