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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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In comparison, there are more than 231,000 chain restaurants representing 34 percent of the total US restaurant landscape.
The National Council of Chain Restaurants is the leading trade association exclusively representing chain restaurant companies.
Women, higher income groups and people eating at fast-food restaurants, as opposed to sit-down chain restaurants, were more likely to actually use the information.
Menu items at chain restaurants, including drive-through and takeout boards.
According to Huffington Post he said that chain restaurants are larger and less conspicuous.
Skylark owns some 40 restaurant brands along with over 3,000 chain restaurants in Japan, posting annual revenue of JPY280 billion (about NT$96.
In a separate statement, National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson said: "A half-baked report from the lobbyists for chain restaurants does not serve up an accurate picture of ethanol's impact when it comes to boosting jobs in rural America, lowering fuel prices or helping increase energy independence by expanding domestic, renewable fuel use in the United States.
FMI points out that supermarkets operate on a different scale than chain restaurants.
Those same chain restaurants - from Outback Steakhouse to McDonald's to Starbucks - also will have to provide more expansive information to consumers.
But sales at chain restaurants, often referred to here as ''family restaurants,'' fell 1.
Although most chain restaurants already make nutrition information available, it's often not publicly posted, proponents of the bills say.
require chain restaurants to list calories on menus and menu boards.
WASHINGTON -- The National Council of Chain Restaurants will hold a press conference to unveil the results of a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report on the U.
The National Council of Chain Restaurants issued the following statement from Executive Director Rob Green on todays introduction of legislation that would require the Labor Department to conduct a proper analysis of the economic and regional impacts of its proposal to expand overtime eligibility before the proposal is made final.
In the US, while some menu types are dominated by chains, the total overall number of Independent restaurants outnumbers chain restaurants by nearly two to one.