train of thought

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the connections that link the various parts of an event or argument together

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A total of 63% said they lost their chain of thought because they checked and responded to an email or social media alert while they were working on a report or longer piece of written work.
It was a worthy winner in an exhibition of wildlife photos at London's Natural History Museum and it began a chain of thought convincing me that our species ain't so special after all.
You should be able to type that question in using natural language, get a visualized answer, and then continue to refine and filter a continuous chain of thought to get to the answer you want to so that you can actually make a decision -- in real-time.
If I can keep that chain of thought going it will suit me well.
It is thanks to this chain of thought that Azad and the participating artists are displaying their works, hoping to raise awareness as well as funds.
At times Jessie went off on a rambling chain of thought, only to stop herself and declare: "I'd better sing now.
However, because it is a collection, it isn't quite a volume in the sense of a continuous chain of thought, though some underlying trends characterise all essays.
The stories are interesting, but the transition along the way makes you blink at the confusing chain of thought.
He always said the older you get the harder it becomes so I'm going by that chain of thought at the minute.
He said: "I don't really know the chain of thought with that one, it just seems to have been endemic over the last couple of years.