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the shell (metal casing) in which a train of gears is sealed

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One of them climbed over the chain guard on the sea wall and posed on the steps leading down to the water.
The men's and boys' Rat Fink comes in metal-flake green, highlighted by orange tire rims and flame decals on the front bar, seat, handle bar grips, chain guard, and rear half-fender.
Check the chain guard or other mower covers intended to keep debris from being thrown out of a mower before starting up any mower unit.
It also features a highly durable three-piece crankset, non-corrosive alloy rims, six speeds, twist grip shifting and a dual sided chain guard.
With no external motor, gear reducer, sprockets, chain or OSHA required chain guard, no external component maintenance is required.
Tenders are invited for Chain Guard Cover For Cdlr Conveyors Consisting Item No:2, 3 And 4 With Quantity As Indicated Against Each Item In Rwf Drawing No: 712070110020.
She said that as the ride was being pulled up the second lift hill some of the small, plastic guide wheels that are used to keep the chain inside the chain guard became detached.
Heat one had to be re-started as several riders were moving at the start of the first running, but the second take Richie Worrall made a massive effort to lead well following into bend two by Lewis Kerr, but at the end of the first lap Leicester's guest Ricky Wells shot hard under the Diamond to take second and then miraculously held on to the points despite losing his steel shoe and chain guard in the 4-2.
This superb air cooled 2-stroke chainsaw also features a top quality Eckman guide bar, "instant" automated chain brake for safety, large, cushioned handle, easy-to-follow instructions including useful guides for the first time user on how to use the saw in a variety of situations, plus FREE saw chain sharpener, spark plug spanner, petrol/oil mixing bottle and chain guard.
There's also a selection of carbon-fibre parts from the official Triumph parts list, including the cockpit infill panels, the chain guard and lower fin, exhaust heat shield and rear hugger.
The new Breezers come equipped with fenders, lights, a chain guard, reflective tires, and a rack.
99), replete with a cool silver-and-red paint job, training wheels, chain guard, handlebar streamers, and clanging bell.
Tenders are invited for Repairing Of Track Chain Guard Of Be-1000 Hyd.
Teesside Crown Court was told that the boy's sock got caught in the chain guard of the Venture Max machine as he was being taken for a ride in the garden of their home on October 14 last year.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Clinker Grinder Chain Guard