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a letter that is sent successively to several people

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Annoyingly, even if you don't forward a chain e-mail, the damage has already been done.
How can other nonprofits use viral marketing and chain e-mail for fund-raising?
The chain e-mail suggests each recipient copies it to ten people so that 300 million could be reached inside eight days.
The on-line campaign will take the form of a chain e-mail that will be directed at potential internet punters and participants in office sweepstakes.
Q I AM sorry to send you this chain e-mail, but I don't have the courage to bin it.
One SmithKline Beecham employee was recently reprimanded for trying to launch a chain e-mail, said John Parker, senior vice president of information resources.
Q I CAME home from work and found a chain e-mail on my computer.
Nothing to fear from chain gangQI'VE just come up with a new way to junk chain e-mail.
In a chain e-mail sent to all of Bahrain's newspapers, this man alleged that Mr Karim's 22-year-old daughter had been "locked up inside her house since she finished college because of her affair with an Indian boy.
One of my favorite Arkansas Business readers (that is, one whose regular e-mails don't insult my ancestry recently forwarded a chain e-mail and asked if I thought there was any truth to it.
The e-mail was sent to me by a young, well-educated Saudi who should never have indulged in forwarding such a stupid, hoax chain e-mail.
Stewart pointedly skewered the mainstream news media for parroting the smears in the process of reporting on the "reckless" proliferation of false chain e-mail messages and Internet-generated rumors about Obama.
On the morning of May 4, according to a chain e-mail, demonstrators will march along Changan Avenue, past Tiananmen Square in central Beijing to the Japanese Embassy.
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Even though the appropriate authorities have been informed, the chain e-mail continues to circulate.