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a letter that is sent successively to several people

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For instance, FactCheck debunks a chain e-mail that claims "the White House" tried to turn away former President George W.
The woman who sent me this chain e-mail exposed my personal e-mail address to untold numbers of people as her e-mail will be passed on to many.
If a chain e-mail message dares you to "do the math," by all means, do the math.
have received the chain e-mail about May 4 protest plans and have begun preparing for any attacks or vandalism, said a Beijing-based employee of a major Japanese public relations company.
If the answer to any of these questions is "no" or if you have any doubts, I recommend you not send that mass or chain e-mail.
The chain e-mail will at some stage arrive back in the spammer's hands from which he will extract a rich payload of fresh e-mail addresses worth money to disreputable advertising companies.
It also plans to circulate a chain e-mail, "Ten Reasons To Boycott The Grand National".
The classically minded among us may have noted a new TV ad for Microsoft's Internet Explorer program," notes an anonymous chain e-mail forwarded to us by author Jim Forest from the Netherlands.
They were successful because people passed the message on to their friends through chain e-mail.
Pyramid schemes, chain e-mail, shaky business investments and supposed miracle health products have all been reported in cybcrspace.
A chain e-mail is circulating which urges drivers not to buy fuel from the biggest suppliers, BP and Esso, in a bid to force them to cut their pump prices.
British fans of the 1977 sci-fi film have set up a chain e-mail asking people to put Jedi down as their religion on the forthcoming census.
The online campaign will also take the form of a chain e-mail that will be directed at potential Internet punters and office sweepstakes.
org, which posted an assurance that the chain e-mail was a hoax.
His warning came after it emerged that Glasgow City Council and Glasgow University are among employers who have alerted staff to a false chain e-mail.