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a letter that is sent successively to several people

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Websites dedicated to WhatsApp and its beta program are reporting that the developers of the app are working on a new notification system that gives out warnings to users if what they are about to open is spam or a chain letter.
They found the idea of chain letters hilariously quaint.
The hoax is essentially a variant on the chain letter, one of the original abuses of e-mail The harm in hoaxes and chain letters is nominally that they take up storage space and waste users' time, but the more serious damage is that they erode the vigilance and good practices of those who receive them.
CHAIN letters have been making the rounds for years now, often causing stress and fear to the recipients by threatening disaster to those who do not send them on.
preventing the flooding of workplace systems with activity such as chain letters and joke lists
Malcolm Graham, senior trading standards officer at Hartlepool Council, said: "People who have taken part in these chain letters have found that, far from the money rolling in very few people responded to them and they, in fact, made a loss.
Warwickshire County Council trading standards officers have warned that chain letters are circulating from a Norfolk man who claims he was deep in debt until he joined the "pyramid" style chain, which asks people to send pounds 10 to the person at the top of a list and then add their own names to the letter before sending it out to hundreds of other people.
I HAVE been investigating chain letters, including one from David Rhodes of Norfolk.
The software protects school networks by automatically stopping the delivery of spam and other digital junk--such as hoaxes, chain letters, jokes and graphic file attachments that may open the school to potential liability or network vulnerability.
Pyramid investment schemes, free gifts, chain letters and offers too good to be true--these are some of the scams among the spam that infests e-mailboxes.
As well as losing cash, Mary has been bombarded with junk mail since she got involved - including more chain letters.
I never forward petitions, chain letters, or any other insipid E-mails.
You get 10 people to sell junk for you while you get rich; think chain letters.
ERICSSON SAYS IT'S ALWAYS LOOKING FOR INNOVATIVE marketing ideas, but e-mail chain letters are not one of them.
I never respond to chain letters ("Send this message to everyone you know.