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a cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women

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But ideologues in the regime disdain such fashion and prefer the all-enveloping chador, which Ayatollah Khomeini called "the flag of the revolution.
Some women arrive in long black chadors and take off their outer layer before ordering, but prefer to keep their veils on.
For more information about the "Gender, Wars and Chadors," panel discussion, visit www.
It was because of Iran's women, clad in their black chadors, that men poured into the streets to topple Mohammad Reza Shah.
I still return every three years and my mum and I have a fantastic time going to the bazaar to pick out and haggle for our new chadors.
Women lost the social gains they had made under the Shah, and were forced to wear head coverings and full-body cloaks called chadors.
Leaving their veils and chadors at the door, these young women left their uniformity behind once a week to read forbidden books from the Western canon.
At a Muslim women's centre last week volunteers, staff and clients spanned the full spectrum of Islamic dress from bare heads to full black chadors with only small slits for the eyes.
Many women now wear makeup and colorful scarves instead of chadors.
Female models in her class were forced to pose in chadors that kept them completely hidden.
35) According to a Glenwood resident Irene Buckler: 'The irony about women wearing chadors and burqas is that they cannot possibly get a fair go.
The women were wrapped in black chadors, only their bright, dark eyes and grinning lips peeking through.
Her tales are told through panoramas of opposites: the desert and the sea; the architecture of East and West; and women of Islam in black chadors and Muslim men in crisp white shirts.
All around her, women were covered head to toe by chadors, the required dress of Khomeini's revolution.
For example, gypsy women sitting with their children on the sidewalks of Tehran (other Iranians told me these were gypsies) wore chadors covered with polka dots and other eye-catching patterns.