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a family of Afroasiatic tonal languages (mostly two tones) spoken in the regions west and south of Lake Chad in north central Africa

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It is therefore very beneficial that the Morphologies volume offers surveys of four different Chadic languages.
While Chadic languages fall within their type 0 (the verbless type), Goemai shares similarities with both type III (the postural type) and type II (the positional type).
This article discusses the semantics and pragmatics of postural, existential and positional verbs occurring in the basic locative construction of Goemai, a West Chadic language of Central Nigeria.
The grammatical coding of postural semantics in Goemai (a West Chadic language of Nigeria).
Nominal conjunction and associative marker in Chadic languages.
But Green's attempt to defend a uniform FP approach to FCs in Chadic languages also encounters problems.
Tuller (1986:106) mentions other Chadic languages, such as Kanakuru and Tera, as well as Fula (West Atlantic), More (Gur), and Zulu and Kikuyu (both Bantu).
Hausa and the Chadic Language Family: A Bibliography.
35-54) uses data from three Chadic languages to take issue with some notions within Case Theory.
199-217) reports on experimental studies concerning question intonation contours in several Chadic languages measuring FO values.
1988) slightly dusty topological distinction between "Ancient, Middle, and New Stage" languages within Afroasiatic and relates it to his own ideas about "four stages" in the historical development of Chadic languages in terms of verbal morphology (first presented 1974 where J.
The topics of the papers tend to show the increasing attractiveness of Chadic language structures for general linguistic discussions in recent theoretical frameworks on syntax.
As for Gude itself, the Chadic language under analysis, we learn rather little.