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a modern ballroom dance from Latin America

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Among Cabrera Infante's other works of fiction are a collection of stories, Delito por bailar el chachacha (Guilty of Dancing the Cha Cha Cha, translated by the author), and the novels Ella cantaba boleros, and Inferno (Infante's Inferno, translated by Suzanne Jill Levine, with the author).
Nevertheless, the dispiriting lack of everything from freedom and opportunity to milk seems to fade at the first beat of a Cuban tune, whether the rhythm dives into an island-born rumba, mambo, chachacha or salsa.
CHACHACHA - players in the dugout will dance the cha-cha.
the ChaChaCha Bear to Teach the ChaChaCha to Mark McEwen at CBS' The Early
But whereas in Tres tristes tigres memory and nostalgia play a major role in the portrayal of Cuba's capital in the 1950s, a bittersweet tone permeates Cabrera Infante's latest sentimental journey to his homeland, Delito por bailar el chachacha.
The book is a collection that includes a brief prologue and epilogue along with three short stories: "En el gran ecbo," "La mujer que se ahoga," and the title story, "Delito por bailar el chachacha.
One possible explanation for such a problem is Cabrera Infante's real intention behind the project: to expose the faults of Fidel Castro's regime, the focus of "Delito pot bailar el chachacha.
For the fun loving, Casa Bar, also known as Casa de Baile presents non-stop Latin movement with tango, salsa, rumba, chachacha, and many more.