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He indulged neither in the rhetoric of Amir Khusro, nor in the abstruseness of Badre Chach, but writes in lucid graphic and simple style.
Mounir Chach se demande comment un pays libere une partie de son territoire, ensuite, la jette aux oubliettes
New Delhi, Delhi, March 14 -- Aftersuccessfully launchingthe sweet and salted lassi and chach, Mother Dairy comes up with 'Tadka Chach' to beat this year's scorching summers.
Professor Wanapat is now currently the Director of the Tropical Feed Resources Research and Development Center, Khon Kaen University, Thailand where he is joined by his wife, Professor Sadudee Wanapat and his son, Chach Wanapat.
2:302: "Mionn sul Eirinn anath cliath / mo ghradh don bhel derg nar bhaoth / cenngo siodhshnuadh ceim os chach / a ghnath fein ga mhiongruadh maoith.
In 2002, allegedly at the instigation of commune and district authorities, a "gang" in the predominantly Catholic village of Dak Chach, Dak La commune, Kon Tum Province, reportedly beat Protestant believers Du Van Anh and Y Thet (husband and wife) and pastor Dinh Van Truc for not renouncing their faith.
The creative team of Jean Romano, Steven Otis and Chach Bursey designed the ad, made to look like an element on the periodic table.
Yohanan Friedmann, "The Origins and Significance of the Chach Nama," in Yohanan Friedmann, ed.
Chach means forest, while poya or puya means cloud.
Premier Power's strong presence in North America and Europe for integrating and installing commercial-scale solar PV systems is a perfect fit for Draker's product depth," said Chach Curtis, chief executive officer of Draker Laboratories.
The Attock Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) arrested both suspects near the Chach interchange, an area on the edge of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that was also the constituency of slain Punjab home minister retired Col Shuja Khanzada, on Dec 28, 2016.
In the manner of traditional Persian qasidas, Badr Chach begins with a lengthy divine laudation followed by praise for the Holy Prophet [PBUH] and then an assertion of his own poetic skills.
Some of the projects completed are Head Muhammadwala Bridge, Chach Interchange on Motorway, and Double Phattak Flyover, Multan.
Chach Brahman captured the throne of Sindh after the death of Rai Sahasi II, in 644 AD, and thus Sindh fell under the Brahman rule, which came to an end by the Arab conquest in 712 AD, and the foundation stone of Muslim rule and Muslim Culture was laid in the subcontinent.