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Synonyms for Chablis

a town in north central France noted for white Burgundy wines

dry white table wine of Chablis, France or a wine resembling it

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Chablis, a sister to The Pentagon, made a nice winning debut under Wayne Lordan in the opening fillies' maiden as she quickened up well inside the final furlong to beat the useful Peruvian Lily.
Domaine Seguinot-Bordet Petit-Chablis 2017 (PS13.99 as part of a mixed six Majestic) PetitChablis grapes are taken from vineyards away from the slopes around the village of Chablis itself and are therefore considered the lowest quality.
Many, many moons ago, when my wine life was but a dream, I visited Chablis and it was that trip which started me on this wine adventure.
2013 Chablis Premier Cru Boucheroy Josselin (PS14 in Asda) Chablis is pretty special - and perfect for any fish-based food.
Chablis, France This cosy village in Burgundy gives its name to one of the world's great white wines - made with the locally grown chardonnay grape.
The ambition of wine producers world wide was to emulate the styles of the great white wines of Chablis and Burgundy, Macon and Champagne.
If you're a fan of French dry white Chablis - great with summer salads and grilled chicken - but think it's a bit out of your price league, check out Chablis Desvignes 2009, Aine and Fils (Asda, pounds 5.05 off at pounds 4.93 until July 5).
This is a more full-bodied Chablis. It has strong hints of gooseberry and lemon on the nose but tastes more oaky on the tongue.
Terlato Wines International announces an exclusive, long-term marketing agreement with MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM, which makes wines from a range of vineyard sites throughout the Cote d' Or and Chablis. The portfolio includes core value wines as well as Premier and Grand Cru wines, all of which highlight the grape variety of the wine on the front label, display a contemporary graphic style and include an English back label detailing vineyard sites, vine ages and winemaking protocol.
The inhabitants control the feminine looks of their city and exclude individuals such as Chablis and Danny Hansford on account of their race, sexual orientation, and free spirit.
Wine importer Paterno Wines International has announced that it has added the Chablis producer Domaine Louis Moreau to its portfolio.
There has been some opposition to the agreement within Europe, notably amongst Champagne houses opposing the agreement's approval of grandfather rights allowing American wine makers to continue using EU geographical terms, such as their own (and Burgundy, Chablis, Sherry, etc).
("It'll be a spastic film!" Leth moans.) Leth's liberal, anthropological decency is tested when the booze-swilling imp von Trier assigns him to stage the film's famous dinner scene--fish and Chablis served at a lavish table--in the "most miserable place" he can find on earth.
* Michel Laroche, the Chablis producer, has seen its first half net attributable profit fall to 570,000 euros (US$706,340) from 730,000 euros in the same period of 2002/03, according to