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obstruction of blood flow in a coronary artery by a blood clot (thrombus)

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Nearly 40,000 babies in America are born with CHD every year, and more than five percent will not live to see their first birthday.
Only 1 patient of CHD had anaemia in pregnancy whereas 8 patients in the acquired heart disease category, or 27.
According to CHD Expert's database, 58% of hotels and lodging establishments in the U.
In this cross-sectional study, we aimed to investigate the prevalence of CHD in Langfang district by analyzing data collected by hospitals located in the counties of the District, as supported a public health campaign focusing on CHD treatment.
Conclusion: The present study indicates strong association between increased levels of triglycerides and CHD in younger Pakistani patients.
Tetralogy of fallot(TOF) was the commonest CHD and cyanotic lesion accounted for 24.
Evidence of an association between chronic dental health and CHD was found in the present study.
Baseline concentrations of cardiac troponin-I were increased in CHD cases versus non-cases (mean 2.
Data was collected on a predesigned proforma that included information regarding gender, weight, gestational age, family history of CHD and associated malformations.
less than 10 mg/g) was associated with greater risk of incident CHD among blacks, but not whites (hazard ratios of 3.
This discovery has the potential to lead to the development of new treatments for CHD in diabetic patients.
Cemaes Bay RNLI Craft, Flower and Produce Show at Cemaes Bay village hall, starting at 2pm - PS2, chd PS1.
For this reason most studies on CHD have examined data in older men and women.
According to the CHD, the congressional-style, "Will attempt to accomplish what the Congress has failed to do for forty-five years - seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time.
Healthcare Foundation will donate P100 to fund free surgeries for Filipino child patients with CHD.